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Please enter the email address that you have submitted for your personal details.

Documents Required for Registration:

1. Please read all instructions carefully. Incomplete or incorrect documentation will lead to delays in the processing of your registration.
2. Please ensure attachments are less than 500kB in size each.
3. Please provide photos or scans of original documents only. Do not upload photos of photocopies.
4. If you experience any difficulty in uploading your documents, please submit the form without attachments and email the attachments separately to registration-at-primesandzooms-dot-in from the same email address.
5. Please call us at +91 87 67 47 7102 for any assistance.

Part A: Identity and Permanent Address Proofs
Please upload any two documents out of Driving License, Aadhar Card, Passport:

A1. Driving License:

Front of smart card or photo page of license booklet
Other relevant pages (in case of driving license booklet)

A2. Passport:

Front page of passport
Address page of passport, other relevant pages

A3. Aadhar Card:

Front side (or entire aadhar card)
Back side of Aadhar card or additional pages

Part B: Current Address Proof:
1. In case your accommodation is self-owned (or owned by an immediate family member) but none of your documents uploaded above carry your current address, please attach a copy of the Index II of the sale agreement of the property. This is not needed if either of your uploaded Driving License / Passport / Aadhar carry your current address.
2. In case your accommodation is not self-owned, please attach your rent agreement / allotment letter / other document describing the type of arrangement. The attached pages must show the names of the parties involved, address of the property, validity dates and signatures.

Index II for self-owned accommodation
Rent agreement / allotment letter / other document describing the nature of accommodation

Part C: Latest Electricity Bill:
Regardless of the type of your accommodation, please attach the latest electricity bill for your current residence.

Please upload your latest electricity bill.
Relationship with person in whose name electricity bill is issued