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Thanks for registering for the workshop on How to Manage Your Photography Business! Please spare a few minutes to respond to this short questionnaire so that we can better tune the workshop to your expectations.

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Are you a commercial photographer (do you shoot paid assignments)?

How long have you been shooting commercially?
Less than a year1-3 Years4+ YearsNot Applicable

Do you have any full-time employees for your photography work?
YesNoNot Applicable

Do you sign a contract for all the photography work you do?
Yes, for every assignmentYes, for most assignmentsYes, for a few assignmentsNot for any assignmentsNot Applicable

Do you maintain books of accounts for your business?
Yes, I do it myselfYes, my CA does it for meNo, I do not maintain any books of accountsNot Applicable

Do you estimate the cost of delivering an assignment before giving a quote to your customer?
Yes, I am able to estimate my costs accuratelyYes, I do some rough calculations based on similar work I have done beforeNo, I quote based on a rough idea of the amount of workNo, I quote based on what other photographers are quoting for similar workNot Applicable

Are you able to accurately calculate your profit for every assignment?
Yes, I am able to get accurate profit for every assignmentYes, I have a fair idea of my profitNo, I only have a vague notion of what my profit isNo, I do not calculate my profit for each assignmentNot Applicable