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The Sigma 60-600mm Lens

On March 21, 2019, Posted by , In Lenses,Sigma,Wildlife, With Comments Off on The Sigma 60-600mm Lens

Sigma’s 50-500mm, nicknamed the Bigma, was an exciting lens when it was released more than 10 years back. Since then Sigma have released the 150-500, 150-600 Contemporary and 150-600 Sports lenses, all of which have been extremely popular. Sigma recently released the 60-600mm DG OS HSM Sports lens which also seems to be a hit. Most of the reviews of this lens are positive and almost all of our customers who have rented this lens are happy with it. If you are shooting wildlife and don’t mind a lens on the heavier side, the 60-600 is an excellent choice. It is sharp almost across the entire zoom range and focuses fairly fast. The lens comes with a new MO (Manual Override) focus mode that allows you to override focus even in Servo / AF-C mode – something most lenses do not allow you to do. It is built well and at 2700 gms, weighs less than the 150-600mm Sports. This lens is not easy to handhold for long periods of time although the optical stabilisation does a good job of preventing shake. That said, it is always better to shoot at speeds upwards of 1/(3 x focal length) when using this lens without a tripod.

Between the 150-600 Contemporary and the 60-600mm, the 60-600mm is the better option for wildlife but if you are going birding, the lighter (and cheaper) 150-600 may be a better choice, particularly if you are shooting handheld. You can rent both of these lenses in Canon and Nikon mounts at Primes & Zooms!

-Abhijit Mutha
Founder, Primes & Zooms

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